Aligning our services with the strategic priorities of your business.

Oak Branch Advisors’ services are positioned to capitalize on the seismic changes in the credit market since the Financial Crisis. Whether it is the growth of non-banks as the dominate players in the residential mortgage market, or private debt managers in the middle market corporate and commercial real estate, Oak Branch provides a spectrum of services to help them execute their business better, faster and cheaper.

Leveraging our proprietary technology, our team of highly-skilled market practitioners and analysts deliver innovative solutions across all private credit assets. We take a consulting-like approach to each new engagement, customizing our service offerings and system configurations to meet our clients’ unique needs.



Configurable end-to-end technology accommodating any credit product.

Middle Office Services

Grow your portfolio without expanding headcount.

Valuation & Analytics

Level III valuations and decision critical analytics at your fingertips.

Credit Advisory Solutions

Loan/Transaction level credit and compliance reviews: pre/post-closing, loan administration, loan put-back disputes, existing or pending litigation.


Our flexible cloud-based platform facilitates a wide variety of financial instruments and business processes, providing critical data and document onboarding, monitoring and analytics capabilities through the full lifecycle of a transaction.

  • Custom Configuration
  • Tailored data feeds to/from client and third-party systems
  • Customized reporting packages
  • Integrated document viewer and warehouse with full electronic citation capability


  • Direct Lending
  • Middle Market
  • Senior Secured
  • 2nd Lien & Mezzanine
  • Unitranche
  • Project Finance
  • Infrastructure Finance
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Acquisition/Investment Full Capital Stack
  • ADC/Construction
  • Bridge Loans
  • Residential Mortgages
  • Whole Loans
  • Non-Performing/ Re-Performing
  • Fix-to-Flip/Fix-to-Rent
  • Structured & Specialty Finance
  • Whole Loans
  • Asset-Based Lending
  • Structured Notes & Funds
  • Merchant Financing
  • Marketplace Lending
  • Trade Finance
  • Other Esoterics

Direct Lending

Oak Branch helps market participants in the Middle Market Direct Lending sector efficiently navigate their operational and risk management challenges. Despite the tremendous growth of the sector, many lenders and investors are still struggling with how to prudently and efficiently scale their portfolios given the structural complexity of their loans as well as the wide variety of funding mechanisms used to finance their investments.

Each loan agreement is highly negotiated by the front office with bespoke terms and conditions, which must then be operationalized by the middle and back offices as well as by the lender’s external service providers. Unitranche and Asset-Based Lending (ABL) transactions add more layers of complexity.

Oak Branch provides solutions for reconciling and normalizing cash flows, monitoring collateral and deal covenants, providing targeted analytics/reporting, etc. across a wide variety of loans and funding structures.

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